Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sewing Down the Stash

I'm moving! Hopefully within the next few months. Because of this, I have set myself a very stupid challenge. I hate moving. Granted, so does everyone else on the planet. My way of dealing with this, however, is to attempt to purge everything in my apartment. If I no longer own any things, I don't have anything to move!

The result: I'm trying not to buy any new fabric until we move. I know, impossible.

There are some caveats. I've bought a piece of fabric to make a gift. My sister-in-law got a Named Asaka Kimono for her birthday, and I didn't have anything just right in my stash. I'm also allowing notions needed to finish things that are in the stash. I've been fantasizing about some teal leopard print rayon ever since I stopped in my local shop to get some bias tape, though, and I suspect I may succumb before move-out day.

Nevertheless, so far I haven't bought myself any new fabric in 2016! It's all stash-sewing all the time. As a result, my stash now looks like this! I know it could be smaller, but it fits in a 3 cubic foot box, with some scraps piled on top. If you ask me, that's pretty good.

Fabric stash - it all fits in a little over 3 cubic feet!

To aid the process, I did some drastic culling. The picture below shows everything that didn't make the cut. One thing I've realized in cleaning out my fabric stash is that there aren't many options for donating perfectly good fabric. Clothes can go to charity, scraps can go to textile recycling, but what about decent-sized new pieces? I have a few options left to investigate, but it's definitely a trickier item to donate. Do you have anywhere that puts fabric remnants to good use?

Leftovers, rejects, and scraps of fabric