Sunday, April 10, 2016

Scouting The Perfect Woven Tee

Haha, get it? Because I made a couple of Grainline Scouts! Two, to be specific...

Grainline Scout Tee, modelled on me, front view, in a ditsy rayon challisGrainline Scout Tee, modelled on me, front view, made with bias-cut plaid flannel

There's something about a woven tee that seems oh-so-much fancier than a knit tee. I'm a fan of each of these, and they've been featuring heavily in the workday rotation with skinny pants and flats or boots.

Each one is a size 8, and each is made out of scraps taken from other things. The orange one started life as a bias-cut flannel skirt that slowly got all misshapen as the fabric panels stretched out unevenly. I did get to keep some of the bias seams down the center front and back, and I quite like the mirroring effect.

Back view of plaid flannel Grainline Scout Tee, showing mirroring of plaid along center back seam

The speckled one is a rayon challis that was pulled from a failed dress. It looks much better this way! One thing you might notice is how much more softly it falls. I like both, but the rayon definitely has more drape. It's particularly noticeable at the sleeves. Overall, the rayon makes for a more flattering shirt given Scout's ease, but I feel pretty cool in the flannel version, too.

 You can tell in the side view that there's a distinct high-low thing going on with the hem. I'm not certain whether this is due to the pattern, the need for an FBA, or a bit of both. I think it's both, as the model picture also has a slightly high-low hem, but my side seam hangs at more of an angle. It's so hard to tell with a more blousy top like this, but then again, that also makes it matter less.

Grainline Scout Tee side view in plaid flannel, showing the high-low hem (and zero attempt at pattern matching)

All in all, I like this pattern a lot, but I might be ready to try a new woven tee next, just to change it up. I am so glad I got some workable basics out of these refashions, though!

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